Bringing the Spotlight to those who matter
Global Business on CGTN America features a monthly segment of women who are redefining their respective industry called "Women at Work."
Changing the Future
The women who are featured on the show are multifaceted superstars. As Rihanna said it best, "Shine bright like a Diamond."

To best exemplify the women featured we designed a diamond brand identity. 
Ideally, we would have liked to use imagery of the women would be featured on the segment and not stock photography. Unfortunately, planning for the show is limited and producers know who guests will be only days in advance. And with many guests being unsung heroes, we had to consider using high quality stock imagery over low resolution material. 

A lot of the design/brand needed to be created so all could be featured equally. We did however made a conscious decision to include women in STEM fields in the Sting animation. 
Thanks for Watching!
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