The CGTN America’s Digital Team wanted to connect more with the Gen-Z audience. We found that by creating a presence on TikTok, they would be able do just this! The team was quick and created NewsToks as their username while the creative team worked hard on designing an engaging logo so people could identity them easier online - which turned out beautifully when all said in done!
On the left, is the original logo created for the brand. We found that a lot of people could not read the name very well. On the right, is the redesigned logo. Using a navy background and a sans serif font helped make it a lot easier to read. Especially at small sizes like the TikTok profile picture.
The constraint of an in-house design team is that oftentimes you must work within the constraints of a house font. Our main goal was to make the new wordmark more legible at small sizes. Luckily for me, DIN is a greatly legible font and the condensed version really helped add a touch of seriousness to add legitimacy to our journalist stories.
The radiating circles became the main motif for the brand which became really useful when it came to animated elements of the brand package.
The primary logo lockup is to use the navy background.
The secondary logo lockup is to use the electric blue.
A one color version of the logo for light and dark background applications. For a news brand it's important to design a versatile brand that can be legible and consistent amongst different sizes and applications. 
Below are examples of how the logo looks on large external signage to small applications like a microphone. This helps create a unified look and feel across our entire coverage.
The simplicity of the NewsToks logo makes it easily readable across a large building, exterior signage as well as a microphone cover. 
Microphone covers are extremely important for identifying journalists in the field and sometimes act as a form of a visual credential to cover a story. Ie. World Economic Forum or IMF Spring Meetings.
Examples of the NewsToks logo on merch for the team and an online store. Designing a logo that can be one color is important for eco-friendly merchandise like tote-bags. Using less ink/color is a more eco-friendly option.
Covering natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and landslides is a dangerous but necessary part of the job. Providing weather appropriate gear is always a must.
An example of how the NewsToks logo could like on a camera crew van. 
A close-up look of how the NewsToks logo would like embroidered. 

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