You’re running a successful Creator partnerships program at your company. The engagement on your social media has skyrocketed and you’re able to repurpose user generated content for other marketing channels (Ie. website or email marketing).
Your problem is “How do I scale the program?”​​​​​​​
You’re most likely searching YouTube to help make your excel sheets process run smoother when our paid YouTube ad comes on describing all of GRIN’s creator management capabilities. The recruitment, product seeding, email communication and more, all-in-one place, is the answer to your problems.
Outperformed Expectations
I was amazed at the results! We were able to achieve an incredible 654K Views and 86.7 Impressions for a mere $0.07 CPV (Cost per view) - more than three times cheaper than normal. The view rate shown at 41.57% is 10% above industry average of 31.9%.
We only ran the ad from February 25, 2022 to the end of April 2022 and received a total of 654K views. Of those 654K views, the average view duration was 0:29 sec or an average percentage viewed of 99.3%. YouTube categorizes videos of 50 to 60% average view percentage as good. And videos with 70% or higher are performing extremely well.
In March 2022, a month after publishing, the video was highlighted in the Marketing All-hands for its exemplary performance. A symbol of great teamwork between the Content and Growth Marketing teams.
In my first year at GRIN, I was able to make a major impact on driving brand awareness to our targeted audiences through a planned YouTube paid ad. By the end, I was proud to see the video perform really well.
• I had to replace all the personal information of the creators in the platform to stock imagery in order to legally run it on YouTube and
• We repurposed a couple of demo videos for the GRIN app portions which made editing the personal creator information more tedious than if it were vector. 
• Any videos we make of the GRIN app should be recreated in vector format. This helps us edit in new placeholder information and create a crisper vector image.
• The video overperformed on YouTube, so much so, we decided to repurpose the ad and also run it on This video was the first ad we ever ran on Vibe.

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