Xi - Trump Summit (CGTN America)

Branding for CGTN America's coverage on Chinese President Xi Jinping visiting U.S. President Trump (April 2017).

U.S. President Trump would host Chinese President Xi Jinping for the first time in Mar-a-Lago. We were assigned to create a promo to announce our upcoming coverage.
10sec. Sting (transition)
There are many sensitive issues between the two nations and the script had to be tweaked several times to find the correct tone.
Title Frame Options
Thanks to the flexibility of "dynamic linking" our Premiere edit to our After effects project, we made changes quickly & effectively.
Full Screen graphic templates
We designed a filmic look that used a "Contact Sheet" style. We anticipated changes & wanted a look flexible enough to change on the fly. Creating a stylish but serious tone for the two leaders meeting. 


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