Type Specimen Book: Adobe Caslon Pro

The Poor Richard (Benjamin Franklin) endorsed Typeface: Adobe Caslon Pro.

Adobe Caslon Pro
Carol Twombly
Type Specimen book:  Adobe Caslon Pro.
When I started this project ( a sophomore in college ), I was new to Design and wasn't sure which typeface to choose...
When searching InDesign, I stumbled upon Adobe Caslon Pro. I fell in love with the glyphs of the typeface and felt that they were under appreciated.
In this Type Specimen book I tried to show the glyphs off as much as possible.
The original Caslon typeface was a very popular during the time of the 13 colonies.
It was specifically popular with a printer named Benjamin Franklin. It was said that there was a time that Benjamin Franklin printed exclusively in Caslon.
The booklet reflects Mr. Franklin's charm and wit.


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