CCTV News, Taking You Further (China)

An over-arching promo highlighting China.

In continuation of our "Taking You Further" series, CCTV America wanted to create a 30sec. promo that highlighted China as a whole.
Finding the right footage proved to be a challenge. Because this promo was not about a specific event or program, we had to find footage that was generic enough but that didn't feel overly "stock footage-y."


Reel 2017
Xi - Trump Summit (CGTN America)
How are Spring Festival & Christmas similar?
Route 2014: the Road to the U.S. Election
Type Specimen Book: Adobe Caslon Pro
Armin Hofmann poster
Lands to Die For: the Garifuna Struggle in Honduras
CGTN: China Global Television Network
Gun Crazy - CCTV America
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